Prizes and distinctions

  • Secured 1st rank in University in DM Neurology exams (Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik)

  • Distinction in various subjects in Undergraduate training: Anatomy, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Pathology and ENT

  • Prizes in National Conferences:
    1st prize (Oral Presentation): Uncommon disorders masquerading as acute flaccid Paralysis:
    IJPP Grand rounds - Under Aegis of Dr K C Chaudhari Foundation- AIIMS, New Delhi- Sep 2016

  • 1st prize (E-Poster presentation): Bilateral wasting of hands with ptosis- a rare case. Annual meeting of Bombay Neurosciences Association, Mumbai- April 2017

  • 1st prize (Poster presentation): Autoimmune encephalitis: a case series from a tertiary care centre: Annual Conference of Neurology Chapter of Indian Academy of Pediatrics- Oct 2014